Who are we?

Originally founded by three design professionals, the Industrial Union of the town of Pordenone, Italy, (Unione Industriali Pordenone) and the Friulian region’s best furniture producers and artisans, in 2017 Valitalia is experiencing a new beginning. We are passionate about well-designed, timeless furnishings and have come together as partners to bring the history, quality, and craftsmanship of Italy to homes across the world We have offices in Italy, Canada and India with centrally located warehouses. We are Valitalia. We bring Italy home.

What’s in a name?

The Val- in Valitalia has two meanings. The first refers to beautiful VALLEYS and landscapes while the second refers to our commitment to providing our customers with the best VALUE. The -Italia part of our name honors our homeland and the detailed craftsmanship of Made in Italy products. On Valitalia you shop Italian only.

We are honored to work with several Italian manufacturers who has been recognized throughout Europe for its luxury furnishings for more than 140 years. Many of these manufacturers produce pieces for today’s top Italian design brands, yet on their own do not have the resources to distribute their products beyond Italian borders. We are proud to be their exclusive distribution partner, giving us the opportunity to introduce the international market to this region and to revitalize the local furniture industry.

How do we do it?

By eliminating the middleman and selling directly, we are able to bring high quality, timeless designs and Made in Italy furnishings directly to you at affordable prices.