Bobino by MemeDesign

Bobino by MemeDesign

Corolla Outdoor by MemeDesign

Corolla Outdoor by MemeDesign

Bobino Pouf by MemeDesign

370,00 €

Bobino Pouf by MemeDesign is a funny and innovative table with conic shape, an upholstered top and hidden wheels that allow an easy movement.
It's conic shape gives to the house a lively touch and it's easy movement makes it an essential furniture.
Available with red chenille pouf or custom fabric pouf.
Available in 16 different colors.
To define the order please send an e-mail to indicating the preference.
Made in Italy

Más Información
Detalles y Dimensiones

Material: Aluminum

Upper circle: 33Ø cm (13Ø in)

Lower circle: 40Ø cm (15 3/4Ø in)

Height: 40 cm (15 3/4 in)

Top: red chenille, archimede fabric or custom fabric


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