With so many choices, color combinations, styles and sizes, it is HARD to make a decision sometimes.

We know, because we are constantly moving things around in our showroom to help make the decision as easy as possible for you when you walk through the door. 

And shopping online? Ugh. How are you supposed to imagine what our Italo Table will look with the Adele Chair vs. the Vera Chair?

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Valitalia Tables and Their Chairs 

The 10 visual guides below will help you select the right combination of Valitalia 100% Made in Italy chairs and tables that will give your home - or business - that unique touch of Italian design. 

We've also thrown in a few bonus suggestions that will help you determine the type of environment that certain chairs or tables would fit well in. Read the article thoroughly to find them all! 

1. Classic Table with... 

Lucrezia ChairCamilla Chair or Soraya Leather Chair

Classic Table features a wood frame with turned table legs and modern glass top. The contrast between the white glass and the natural wood color gives your home a clean, comfortable appeal. 
We recommend a parsons chair for this table. 

Lucrezia Chair - This chair is upholstered in a 100% polyester fabric that is velvety to the touch and comes in four color combinations. Legs come in a light or dark stain finish, and it features an inclined back that is both stylish and ergonomic. A great choice for comfort and those looking for a touch of modern style.

Camilla Chair - This beautiful slip covered parsons chair nicely compliments the style of the table - it is chic and classic, yet elegant and inviting with the laced back and friendly bow ties. For those who are looking for more neutral tones in their home, this is a great chair.

Soraya Leather Chair - We also offer this chair in a leatherette, but urge you to spring for the real stuff! For just a bit more money, you are getting a quality, Made in Italy REAL leather parsons chair that will last for years to come. You've got five different colors to choose from, so head to our website and find the right one for your home or business.

2. Fusion Table with...

Passpartu Chair, Liu Chair or Cover Leather Chair

The Fusion Table features a convenient design, simple lines, metal structure and white glass top. A clean design for a modern setting. We suggest chairs with slim, chrome legs for this table.

Passpartu Chair - Retro...with a modern spin. This beech wood chair is stackable and you'll love its comfortable curves. We see this chair around the dinner table - such as Fusion Table - or even in a company cafeteria/lounge. 

Liu Chair - A modern chair with a unique seat design, subtle curves, and fun colors available. It is made of highly resistant material which means that it will last for years to come. 

Cover Leather Chair - A cozy padded leather chair with beautiful top-stitching details that run horizontally along the chair. A little retro and a little modern - a harmonious mix!

3. Tokyo Extension Table with... 

Flona Top-Grain Leather Chair or Soffio Chair

It's perfect for those who need more floor space while still having the option of entertaining between 8-12 people. The Tokyo Extension Table is very easy to open and offers a lovely contrast between the black glass top and the brown wenge color of the wooden legs. 

Flona Top-Grain Leather Chair - A modern parsons chair with clean lines if you like the black-on-black look. This is what classic Italian design is all about: simple design and made with top-of-the-line materials. It also features decorative black top-stitching. 

Soffio Chair - Staying in the black-on-black theme, Soffio is the curvy option. It offers a nice contrast to the linear look of the table. We love the elegant presence of the backrest and the soft padding under the genuine leather offers you and your guests comfort as you dine. 

4. Break Round Table with...

Twist Chair

Break Round Table is perfect at home, in an office or in a business. A stylish coffee table in your modern cafe, a place to sip cocktails on your private terrace, or why not a table for customers at your busy bakery / cupcake shop? (notice how the fluted edge of the table recalls the edges of a cupcake tin. Cute!)

The Twist Chair - We just think this is such a fun combination. The legs of the table and the chairs are similar in style, yet there is a unique contrast between the cutout of the Twist Chair and the fluted edge of the Break Round Table. This combination will give unique modern (Italian!) style to any space.

5. Italo Table with...

Red Vera Chair or Red Italia Desk Chair

The Italo Table works well as both a dining table and an office desk. We love this table because it is so versatile. Place it in a modern or contemporary setting and it harmonizes with both styles. Here we suggest the white top and two types of chair styles: country/classic dining chair or modern office chair

Red Vera Chair - We like the bright contrast of this chair with the white table top. A mixture of country and modern for a dining room that is sure to impress your guests. This chair is a modern interpretation of the Italian grandmother chair, which sat by the fireplace in typical Italian mountain homes.

Red Italia Desk Chair - Same bright red color, only this chair is great if you plan to use the table as a desk in the office. Make your office fun and comfortable with this padded chair. A classic example Italian design with an emphasis on comfort.

6. Bio Table with...

Lula Chair, Liu Wood Chair or Natura Chair

The Bio Table looks good just about anywhere. It was hard to choose only three chair styles, because honestly you could make just about anything work with it! We choose chairs that remain in the "natural wood" theme so that they compliment the wood of the table.

Lula Chair - Solid oak wood legs and a top-quality leatherette, this chair comes in a variety of color combinations. It's comfortable to sit in and comes in a variety of color combinations. 

Liu Wood Chair - Liu is a favorite among clients for it's unique seat shape. The material is resistant and modern, and the legs are solid wood. It goes well with many tables that we offer, but here we love the modern style of the seat mixed with the solid wood legs.

Natura Chair - Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. The Natura Chair makes your dining experience extra special. The soft padded seat is upholstered in a top-quality leatherette and features top-stitching around the seam. Choose the right color for your home on our website.

7. Notte Extendable Table with...

Flona Top-Grain Leather Chair, Liu Wood Chair or Soffio Chair

Notte Extendable Table is an elegant way to host your guests. You can have fun with a variety of chair styles, but we narrowed it down to three below.

Flona Top-Grain Grey Leather Chair - Just as we mentioned above in combination no. 3, this is a modern Parsons chair with clean lines. It's made from top-of-the-line leather that is bonded onto the solid structure. 

Liu Wood Chair - In the right setting, we think this pair would make quite a statement. They both have a modern look, and with the wood accent thrown in you can have fun with this look if your home has a mixture of styles that harmonize into one that reflects your own unique style. 

Soffio Chair - The edge of the Notte Extendable table is rounded on the ends, which is recalled in the backrest of the Soffio Chair. We like Soffio for many reasons, which is why we also suggested it with combination no. 3 above.

8. Travo Table with...

Lucrezia Chair, Twist Chair or Camilla Chair 

Travo Table will grab the attention of anyone who enters your dining room; nature meets modern interior.

We have some unique chair ideas to help accentuate the originality of this beautiful  glass top table.

Dark Grey Lucrezia Chair - The picture above sets the scene for a grey decor, and we love it! The Lucrezia Chair has beautiful beech wood legs and is upholstered in a soft, velvety polyester fabric. A cozy Parsons chair with an ergonomic structure.

Twist Chair - We have used the Twist chair in several of our combinations above, because it is just that versatile. The unique cutout in the seat gives the space a more open feel and the round shape recalls the round glass top of the table.

Camilla Chair - Again, a parsons chair definitely works with the look of this table. Camilla accents the country feel of the table's wooden legs, so we suggest that you pair these two together!

9. Artu Table with...

Revolution Chair, Adele Chair or Fenice Chair 

The Artu Table features rounded tapered legs and a beautiful glass top. This is a unique table that will fit in any modern or contemporary setting. You can go for an elegant, simple or stylish look based on the chair you choose. We have three great ideas below.

White Revolution Chair - White-on-white. A clean, fresh feel that makes any dining experience pleasant. This throne-like chair is very elegant, which you could consider using at the each end of the table while mixing in another chair style for guests.

Black Adele Chair - If you're going for a modern look that is also comfortable, the Adele Chair is the choice for you. You can check out the other color options available, but we suggest the black leather for a nice contrast with the solid white of the table.

Grey Fenice Chair with White Legs - Italian design at its best. The Fenice Chair is upholstered in a soft, velvety polyester fabric that and comes in quite a few color combinations. We liked the grey fabric and white legs for the Artu Table, but if you're looking for a pop of color, you can find the right combination by looking on our website.

10. Italo Table with...

Grey Vera Chair or Grey Italia Desk Chair

We like the Italo Table so much that we had to show you another color combination (in combination no. 5 you'll see a more colorful selection). Dining Table or Office Desk. You choose!

Check out the photo of Vera Grey Chair with the Italo Light Oak Table here on our website (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the snapshot in one person's living room.) It's a great mix of modern and country, and if you're not interested in a colorful chair that makes a bold statement (as our previous suggestion for this chair/table combo), keep it subtle with these two colors.  

Italia Grey Office Chair is adjustable, comfortable and stylish. Roll around the office easily with this modern desk chair, which we think pairs nicely with the Italo Light Oak Table.

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