The changing fall colours aren’t the only thing to look forward to as summer ends. With so many great styles to choose from, like, boho, glam, modern, contemporary and so on, we’ve compiled 5 design trends that you can easily adopt into your own spaces.

1. Ergonomics
We spend a lot of time sitting. For the past few years, there have been articles circulating about how “sitting is the new smoking”. With Varier, you don’t have to compromise your posture or lose out on aesthetics. Varier designs and manufactures chairs that move with your body. Their product range includes a variety of ergonomic chairs that are both functional and well-designed.

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2. Hygge
This Scandinavian trend crossed North American shores in 2016 and has no sign of stopping. It’s taken over social media spaces the world over and this is a hashtag we can get behind. Going into fall, expect your social media feeds to be hygge-full yet again. Hygge’s appeal is all about making a space that we not only go home to, but want to go home to. This. nesting feeling that a great Hygge-styled space makes us all want to be covered in lush soft fabrics, like velvet, furs and rich cottons while sat atop a welcoming piece of furniture. You can make your own Hygge-hideaway with pieces that say, “let’s stay-in”.

Check out the Brug Sofa by Citterio Meda.


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With the hygge trend, we can all be in our own cottage-esque space  in the mountains without ever leaving the city.

3. Organization
The simplest design trend to employ is an organized one. That said, it doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice great style to be organized.  From creative bookshelves, to clean lines that echo a synergetic space that spells, quality happens here. That is the effect of an organized space.

Shop Sapiens by Sintesi.

Shop Brix by Bensen.

With the busy lives that we all lead, having an organized workspace is the least we can do. While we love beautiful spaces, we also love to practice a tidy one. We are certain that they marry beautifully.

4. Metallic
A splash of metallic in any room brings an instant brightening effect. Like a fresh coat of paint, metallic is a quick and easy way to adopt a design trend. Metallic accents on furniture, office pieces or accessories can add a touch of glamour or masculinity and an immediate cool effect depending on the pieces you choose. A versatile trend -  mixing metallic and neutrals together provide a beautiful softened effect to the two contrasting textures. Whereas, mixing leather and metallic suggest a more mature, masculine and sexyl vibe. Regardless, adding a touch of metallic to your space will certainly take the energy in your room up a notch.

Shop Cindy by Kartell.


Shop Dragonfly by Bonaldo.

This new classic is suitable for any space and can be so easily adopted. And, we hear metallic may be a part of the 2018 Pantone palette.

5. Acrylic
Do you have a small space that could do with more square footage? A few acrylic pieces may be the answer to your real estate problem. This design trend may be as popular as ever, but it also provides for “room” where there isn’t any. Its popularity ranges from being furniture pieces to organizational hardware. This craft has been popping up in spaces for decades and it’s no surprise why it’s still popular as ever. From clear, to beautifully colour accented pieces, acrylic is a fun addition to any space.

Shop Uncle Jim by Kartell

Zoe Stool by Scab.

Creating an airy feel to any room or giving the impression of a floating feature, acrylic is as useful as it is versatile.

The main takeaway from any of these design trends is to make them your own. An eye for design comes from what speaks to you and in making it a space all your own.
Through these design trends, we trust you found inspiration to create a special space for back to school.
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