Design Feast
Each year Milan host the most important event in the furniture sector, the Salone del Mobile. Over 2000 exhibitors show their collections in an exhibition area of over 150.000sqm to an audience that has already exceeded 3 Milions visitors from 165 countries.
The Furniture Fair present together all the latest contemporary decor ideas in design, technology and sustainability implemented in the field of furniture.


Once upon a time there was a small group of furniture manufacturers, who in the early 60s, given the saturation of the Italian market and due to a strong rebirth of the post-war country, decided that it was time to look to the future and expand their market across the border.
They had a great idea: finding a meeting point where anyone had the opportunity to exhibits furniture. There were already small permanent and temporary exhibitions around Italy, but the idea was to create something more engaging and innovative that would draw national and international attention. Which place could ever be more appropriate if not the most important business pole? There you go...Milan!
On 25 February 1961 the first press conference of the Promoting Committee of the Salone del Mobile (Michele Barovero, Alessandro Besana, Franco Cassina, Piero Dal Vera, Vittorio Dassi, Angelo De Baggis, Mario Dosi, Aldo Falcioni, Angelo Marelli, Angelo) Molteni, Silvano Montina, Mario Roncoroni, Vittorio Villa), led by Alessandro Colli.
The same year, on September 24, the first two pavilions of the old Milan fair are opened, thus giving life to the first exhibition of the Salone del Mobile.
Already in the first four years, the fair experienced an exponential growth in the Italian furniture export.
In 1965, leading furniture companies in the sector are brought together under the same pavilion, creating exhibition spaces, capturing the increasingly curious attention of operators across the world.
The mid-60s was a turning point, due to the greater attention of people compared to what was the home environment and since 1967 the Salone del Mobile became international.
It has been a crescendo of successes, in contrast to other exhibitions. Over the years the Salone Del Mobile gained greater visibility, earning important participation in other worldwide events such as the Furniture Fairs in Moscow, New York and Shanghai.
The fair has thus become the symbol of an entire sector and its way of working, combining quality, design and innovation.

Matter of Style
It's really hard to get bored at a fair like the Salone del Mobile. Whether you're in the industry or not. In fact, going around the various stands, among the countless exhibitors, you can see all the new technologies implemented in the various rooms of the house or have the good fortune to see pieces that have become real icons of design. Fair helps you identifying your favorite style, dividing the exhibition per furnitre types. If you like a more classic style you can find pavillions dedicated to exclusively handcrafted italian furniture For those who love design, exhibitions are proposed where functionality and innovation blend perfectly. Last but not least you can come across the Lux Area where a timeless luxury is presented in a decidedly modern key.

What's more
You cannot get bored at Salone. It renews each year and you have something different in even and off yeats.
EuroCucina: kitchen fair. Personally I find that the kitchen is the beating heart of a house and I love entering the houses where, from there, delicious aromas are released, like the smell of cookies just out of the oven.
Salone del Bagno: bathroom decor fair. Where the producers are more and more committed to ensure that this environment becomes the paradise of relaxation. On the other hand, who of us would not want to have a small private Spa at home?
EuroLuce: lighting fair. Experience the latest technologu in home automation with an eye to always getting greater energy savings and cool designer lamps.
Workplace 3.0: workstations fair. Dedicated to working environments, where the human factor matters as well as comfort and design of the worker.

For those who want to play hard
Sinte 1998 Salone has being promoting the Salone Satellite, focus on young designers. Promising designers have opportunitis to present their prototypes to talent scouta.

Red Carpet by Day
As we have already said, the Salone del Mobile attracts thousands of professionals, designer addicted and tourists. Multiple VIPs, archistars and tv stars are invited to host parallel events that go beyong furniture: cooking classes, fashion, music meet in the name of the Italian design.

...and by Night
Let's go back to the worldly topic for a moment, you do not want to end up here !!!
Throughout the fair, the center of Milan comes alive with side events and parties.
Installations, exhibitions, parties, spritz parties, sushi parties, pizza parties, whatever you want there, you certainly can not get bored ....

How to get there
The fair is located in a strategically is in Rho, easy accessible by the Milan metro, highway and local trains.
If you are staying or coming directly from Milan city center, catch Red Line 1 that leads you to the entrance of the fair. If you come from afar and come by plane, do not worry: once you have landed, you can just take advantage of the paid shuttle bus available.
You have no more excuses,.

Eat like a Milanese

If you are lucky enough to be able to stop in Milan a few days, you can not miss the Navigli district, Located near the dock, near Porta Ticinese. The district flows along the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese and it is here that most of the events are concentrated. Recently the New York Times has recognized this street as one of the most beautiful in Europe.
In this enchanting place you have the opportunity to sit outdoors and sip your Spritz feeling like you're in Amsterdam or Stockholm.
You can even book different formulas of food and wine tours on board of small boats that will accompany you to discover the beauty of the neighborhood, otherwise, walking, you will surely find many delicious restaurants for all tastes and budgets.
But if you're in Milan, there are some dishes that you really can not miss !!
The famous Milanese risotto, with the unmistakable golden color of saffron or the "Cassoeula", a pork-based dish for refined palates and stomachs definitely trained !!
In my opinion, if you happen to go to Milan I say you absolutely can not miss the phantasmagoric cutlet alla Milanese, also called "elephant ear" !!!!

Now I give you some tips to recognize it. Read carefully:

  • if it is not veal, it is not Milanese pork;
  • if it has not the bone, maybe you've missed it and you're probably in some part of Austria;
  • if you find the flour under the breadcrumbs of egg and breadcrumbs, maybe the cook has hit his head somewhere;
  • but especially if it is not cooked in butter .... it may be that the "Madunina" immediately expels you from the city !!!

Now that you have all the info to face the event, you know where to be each mid April.