Friuli Today

Today, Italy’s northern region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia stands out not only for her amazing food and breathtaking scenery, but also for the industries that thrive here. Hand crafted furniture, rich fabrics and stunning ceramics grace the homes of many all over the world. With such a rich history and expert craftsman here to carry on the traditions of generations prior, Friuli is carving its way forward into the modern world.

The Standard Idea of Italy

When I say, “Italy,” I have a hunch that images of pizza, Tuscan sunflowers, red wine and gondolascome to your mind. Of course they do! These are some of the most beloved things we know and cherish about Italy. They are, however, only a small part of this amazing country.

The Real Deal

Nestled in Italy’s northeast corner, sharing her borders with Slovenia and Austria, Friuli covers an area of roughly 3000m2. Filled with green farm lands, rows of lush grape vines and rugged, mountain terrain, this is the heart and home of Valitalia.

It’s the perfect mix of anything and everything. A day at the beach? No problem. Slap on the sunscreen and head to the Adriatic Sea for a delightful day of sun and sand. Too hot at zero feet above sea level? Head up a few hundred feet to the Dolomite Mountains, where you can try some exquisite cheeses, take a refreshing dip in one of the many lakes or hike along the most beautiful trails you’ll have the pleasure of seeing. Do mind the wild boars while you’re up there!

The polenta, the grappa, the prosciutto, the mushrooms...and let’s not forget the amazing white wine.

Friuli is filled with many scrumptious dishes: rich risotto, fresh seafood, delicate cured meats and many chestnut-themed foods in the fall.

It is a truly beautiful region with something to see and do all year-round!

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