Everyone should be familiar with the benefits of italian extra virgin olive oil but another part of the plant provides incredible benefits: the olive leaf. Olive leaf extract has a long history as medicinal herb with therapeutic uses; in traditional Moroccan medicin it was used to help stabilize blood sugar and diabetes, in Egyptian times it was used against fevers and infections. Those benefits have now been studyied and confirmed by international Universities and competent authorities.

Olive leaf extract has in the latest years become increasing popular and appreciated and may well be one of the most significant anti-infection agents ever discovered. The secrets lies in powerful active ingredients, such as oleuropein and calcium elenolate, which actually help destroy viruses, elenolic acid and hydroxythirosol. Studies on olive leaf extract have shown benefits in leveling blood pressure, smoothing blood flow and encouraging overall cardiovascular health.
Worldwide research has shown olive leaf extract has the ability to boost immune system under attack and render the invaders unable to reproduce. Why? This extract contains oleuropein a powerful antioxidant with five times more antioxidant activity than the equivalent amount of Vitamin C.

MyVitaly s.r.l, Italy based company, has been able to create a pure Olive Leaf Extract, Made in Italy and concentrated in polyphenols, the active ingredients of the plant. It has been shown that our Olive Leaf Extract MyVitaly Vita has the ability to lower cholesterol levels, to regulate blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Moreover olive leaf extract is safe, nontoxic and effective, even for children. You will need only 70 ml of MyVitaly Vita to re-balance all body’s functions.