1. Salone del Mobile

    Design Feast
    Each year Milan host the most important event in the furniture sector, the Salone del Mobile. Over 2000 exhibitors show their collections in an exhibition area of over 150.000sqm to an audience that has already exceeded 3 Milions visitors from 165 countries.
    The Furniture Fair present together all the latest contemporary decor ideas in design, technology and sustainability implemented in the field of furniture.


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    Anche quest'anno Milano ospiterà una dei più importanti eventi nel settore dell'arredamento, il Salone del Mobile . Oltre 2000 espositori stanno facendo il conto alla rovescia per presentarsi, in un' area fieristica di oltre 150.000mq, ad un pubblico, che già da anni ha superato la quota di 3000.000 visitatori, da 165 paesi.
    Salone Internazionale del Mobile e Salone Internazionale del Complemento d'Arredo , presenteranno insieme tutte le ultimissime soluzioni contemporanee di desig

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  3. 5 Design Tendencies to Get You Ready for Fall

    The changing fall colours aren’t the only thing to look forward to as summer ends. With so many great styles to choose from, like, boho, glam, modern, contemporary and so on, we’ve compiled 5 design trends that you can easily adopt into your own spaces.

    1. Ergonomics
    We spend a lot of time sitting. For the past few years, there have been articles circulating about how “sitting is the new smoking”. With Varier, you don’t have to compromise your posture or lose out on aesthetics. Varier designs and manufactures chairs that move with your body. Th

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  4. 10 Table and Chair Combinations For Authentic Italian Style

    With so many choices, color combinations, styles and sizes, it is HARD to make a decision sometimes.

    We know, because we are constantly moving things around in our showroom to help make the decision as easy as possible for you when you walk through the door. 

    And shopping online? Ugh. How are you supposed to imagine what our Italo Table will look with the Adele Chair vs. the Vera Chair?

    Keep scrolling.

    Valitalia Tables and Their Chairs 

    The 10 visual guides below will help you select the right combination of Vali

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  5. Olive Leaf: the natural remedy for heart health and immune system

    Everyone should be familiar with the benefits of italian extra virgin olive oil but another part of the plant provides incredible benefits: the olive leaf. Olive leaf extract has a long history as medicinal herb with therapeutic uses; in traditional Moroccan medicin it was used to help stabilize blood sugar and diabetes, in Egyptian times it was used against fevers and infections. Those benefits have now been studyied and confirmed by international Universities and competent authorities.

    Olive leaf extract has in the latest years become increasing popular and ap

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  6. Beautiful Friuli - The Home Of Valitalia

    Friuli Today

    Today, Italy’s northern region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia stands out not only for her amazing food and breathtaking scenery, but also for the industries that thrive here. Hand crafted furniture, rich fabrics and stunning ceramics grace the homes of many all over the world. With such a rich history and expert craftsman here to carry on the traditions of generations prior, Friuli is carving its way forward into the modern world.

    The Standard Idea of Italy

    When I say, “Italy,” I have a hunch that images of pizza, Tuscan sunflowers, red

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  7. How To Design An Italian-Style Master Bedroom

    The Master Bedroom - the place where we retreat to at the end of a long day.

    You see so many beautiful bedrooms in magazines; modern, elegant, contemporary, country. The styles and layouts are endless! Perhaps you think to yourself, "Only in my dreams!" and flip to the next page of the magazine.

    I am here to help you make that "dream" a reality. Below I will suggest some master bedroom layouts that will help you to achieve the style you want - with a dash of Italian flare. My main focus of the layout will be your closet spa

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  8. Come servire Vini Bianchi e Spumanti

    Servire correttamente spumanti vini bianchi

    Se pianifichi di servire vino bianco ad un pasto, devi sapere che alcuni vini bianchi devono rimanere costantemente refrigerati mentre sono a tavola. Non è molto comodo versare il vino, tornare in cucina, rimetterlo in frigorifero e tornare al tavolo ogni volta che è necessario riempire un bicchiere. Fortunatamente, c'è una soluzione a questo: il secchio.. 

    L'importanza del secchio del vino

    Posizionato convenientemente sopra o vicino al tavolo, va riempito di ghiaccio e abbastanza acqua tanto da coprire

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  9. Floor Plan Ideas That Will Make Your Kitchen Authentically Italian

    As most of the world knows, we Italians consider the kitchen one of the most important rooms of our homes. The layout must prioritize food preparation since cooking meals is an important daily ritual in our culture. Many kitchens contain a breakfast nook, or simply serve as the main dining area if the home is small, which means that it is also an important gathering place. 

    Below, I would like to suggest some kitchen layout plans that will help you to design a more Italian kitchen. Artwork of a villa surrounded by rolling vineyards of

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  10. Have A Seat - The Making of A Chair

    Chair City

    If you look up Manzano on a search engine, the results will yield apple trees (the Spanish word for apple tree is manzano), a high school in the U.S. and a small town located in the Friuli region of Italy.

    I'll give you one guess as to which I will be referring to here!

    This small city just happens to be the "Chair Capital of the World," and if you visit it you're bound to pass the giant chair located at a roundabout on the outskirts of the city.

    When I drove past it for the first time,

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